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Space Rocks Fridge Magnets

Let the kids paint rocks as if they were pieces of the night sky and make space rock fridge magnets! Our four-year-old son loves everything cosmic. He is concerned about comets and plans to build space robots when he grows up. Very global set of mind! Together with...

30 Ways to tame the RAINBOW with KIDS

Rainbows make children happy, so a lot of boys and girls don't mind an addition of a rainbow to their everyday life... and rainbows can take very different forms. Here we have snacks, toys and room decor - all rainbow-themed! I have a few certain weaknesses....

How to Paint Space in Watercolours with Kids

Learn how to paint space with watercolours in a simple way and fun way that would appeal to children. This technique includes the use of pipettes, which is always a hit in our house! Space. Nebulas. Spaceships. Aliens. Distant planets. All seem suddenly close to our...

Welcome to Adventure in a Box!

We’re a family of four from Canada with a passion for arts, nature and building. From rustic fairy tree houses to shiny foil spaceships, we build toys to inspire imagination and nurture all the senses. Look around and join our crafting fun!

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How to Paint Harry Potter Easter Eggs

How to Paint Harry Potter Easter Eggs

Celebrate Easter with a set of Harry Potter Easter Eggs! Ten or more years ago, were you in one of those line-ups outside the bookstore doors, waiting until midnight to get the new Harry Potter book, so that you could spend the rest of the night immersed in the cozy...

Matryoshka Easter Egg Craft

Matryoshka Easter Egg Craft

If you like decorating eggs for Easter, this craft tutorial will show you how to turn them into a couple of multicultural Matryoshka dolls! The post contains affiliate links to some of the products I've used. There are some holiday traditions that come naturally to...

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