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Star Wars Paper Lanterns


This year, we decided to celebrate Star Wars day (May the Forth!) by lighting up a few Star Wars lanterns in our window. All you need is paper, glue and parchment paper to make this simple Star Wars craft for the party, too! Knowing my husband, who spent quite some time in his early teens, sketching storm-troopers and reenacting lightsaber duels with Lego guys, ...

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Printable Recycling Game


As an Earth day activity or to get yourself acquainted with the recycling program in a new neighbourhood, a recycling game is a fun way to introduce kids to the basics (and complications!) of re-purposing waste. To me, recycling has always seemed like a large-scale sorting game for adults. Sometimes the rules can be pretty tricky, but when I get it right there is a brief sense of satisfaction, as if ...

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DIY Kid-Designed Keychains


I love kid’s drawings, and I have always found it fascinating to see how crafters and small companies make kid’s drawings into personalized keychains or kid-designed stuffed toys. This year, for Mother’s and Father’s day gifts, we did it too! Our first experiment included a bit of polymer clay, a toaster oven, and a lot of loving drawings of our family made by my ...

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DIY Toy Wooden Barn


For our son’s first birthday, we built him a toy wooden barn. Since then, it has gone through extensive play testing – indoors and outdoors, on both sides of the country. So we figured it’s high time we showed it and offered some guidelines to anyone who feels inspired to build a handmade toy barn. As a rule, we finish our projects, then write about ...

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DIY Balloon-Powered Wooden Toy Boat


Boats hold a special romantic appeal, for kids as well as grown-ups. Add to this a little scientific experiment, and we have a winner – a balloon-powered boat! In this post, you’ll find a tutorial on how we made one. If you want to get one quickly, you can also get it through our toy shop! Our family is particularly ...

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Magna-Tiles Alphabet Printable Cards


If I had to name my son’s favourite toys, I wouldn’t think long. Lego and Magna-Tiles top the list, no competition there. They don’t get packed away for longer than a night, and whenever he develops an interest in something, it has to be built in either or both. So he built cars, trucks, whales, spaceships… and now he is into letters. We ...

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12 Spring Lego Projects for an Easter Egg Hunt


A couple of days ago, I wrote about the LEGO Easter eggs we made to fill with small LEGO surprises for our Easter egg hunt. I haven’t mentioned that in this case the chickens came before eggs – that is, we planned our LEGO surprises first. We have been working on the spring-themed LEGO projects to go in those eggs ...

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Lego Easter Egg Craft


Everything is better with Lego, or so it goes in our family. If you have kids under ten-years-old in your house, you probably understand what I mean. Why, my husband is far from that age, and he had been telling me stories about hours spent with Lego long before our son reached the stage when he could connect two blocks together. ...

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Painting Easter Eggs with Watercolours


In the past, we have tried painting wooden eggs for Easter, but this year I saw blank plaster eggs in the store. Budster, with his fondness for birds, was immediately fascinated by them too. When I told him we could paint the plaster eggs, he was delighted, so we took a few back home with us for an experiment. What ...

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Rainbow Pompom Drawing Prompt

Rainbow Pompom Drawing Prompt for Kids: colourful invitation to create art and exercise imagination

From my own experience, I know that it can sometimes be tricky to start making a drawing. Especially if I don’t have a solid concept – just feel in the mood to create something. That’s when drawing prompts come handy. Not only do they give me an idea of what to draw, but they often make me leave my comfort zone and ...

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