Free Printable Art Prompt for Kids: Snowmen
Make a card with happy snowmen by finishing this free printable art prompt!!Working on the prompt with play-doughThis eBook contains twelve printable art prompts for children themed around winter activities.

Finish these Snowmen: Free Printable Art Prompt!


Two PDF files are included – a full-sized picture to finish with markers, paints or play-dough and a Christmas card with happy snowmen that children can personalize!

Product Description

These snowmen comeĀ from our book Winter Art Prompts! We invite you and your children to print and decorate this card for free.

Tips & Tricks

  • USE: crayons, markers or paints. You can glue pompoms and buttons to the picture. Try play-dough for fun!
  • COLOUR the snowmen and draw eyes, mouths and arms for them.
  • THINK what kind of household and natural materials do people usually use for building snowmen. Berries? Branches? Scarves? Old pots? Draw them!
  • IMAGINE what your family would look like as snowmen. Or what these snowmen would need if they went carolling. Or what would happen if they had a snowball fight.

Find more prompts in the book!



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