Wooden Fairy Tree House Block Set with Fairies


Use these hardwood blocks for building fanciful constructions that look like fairy tree houses and grow magical forests in your playroom!

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Build fanciful constructions that look like magical forests growing in your playroom. Inspired by the gleam of golden autumn trees, these curvy blocks are made of red oak and black walnut sealed with non-toxic tung oil.

This unique building set will open new opportunities for block play, allowing children to create natural-looking constructions and multi-levelled tree houses, with burrows and tree cavities for forest creatures to settle in. With twelve tree trunk blocks and eight tree top blocks, you can build a new house every day!

Two random wooden fairies from picture 7 are included in this set.


Recommended age: 3+
Dimensions: tree trunk blocks are 1.75” and 3.5” tall; 1” thick. Tree tops range in size, the biggest being 5.5” wide, 10” long and 3/8” thick.
Materials: black walnut and red oak; non-toxic food-safe pure tung oil
Origin: made in Canada


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