Getting ready for the holidays?

Winter holidays are the perfect time for connecting with each other – through crafting, baking, reading stories, and preparing presents. We have collected our favourite pastimes of the season here, and we hope that everyone will find something of interest in our selection. We’ve got stories of winter celebrations from around the world for global citizens, shadow puppet shows for those who dream of simpler times, silhouette winter crafts for creating elegant Christmas decor at home, and playdough mats with paper dolls for getting through the last days until winter vacations in style. 

Seasons greetings from our family to you and yours!

Christmas Around the World

The closer it gets to the winter vacation, the more challenging it becomes to get any schoolwork done. Cue holiday-inspired (but secretly, quite educational) activities! Children will play board games, dress paper dolls, read and colour pages, while at the same time learning geography, history, and folklore, with the Christmas Around the World bundle.

Christmas Guess Who Game

Print and make this game of festive deducation that features twenty Christmas characters from around the world. Enjoy it as a two-player game, a classroom game, or a party game!

Christmas Paper Dolls

Dress your paper dolls as Christmas characters from around the world. From the famed Santa Claus to the mysterious Olentzero, from the sweet Christkind to the horrifying Krampus—the world is full of interesting and unique traditions associated with the season.

Christmas Colouring Poster

Celebrate the winter holidays with a free poster of Christmas characters and Christmas around the world colouring pages!

Santa & Christmas Elf Paper Dolls

Make a Santa Claus dress-up doll with this free printable design, then change his costume and he’s a Christmas elf! 

Silhouette Christmas Crafts

Engage in the elegant art of silhouette making, and create a silhouette winter wonderland in your house! Make paper ornaments, shadow puppets, lanterns, cards, tags and toys. Print and make—it’s that easy.

Christmas Window Decorations

Decorate your windows with whimsical silhouettes of a winter wonderland!


Snowflake Paper Fairies

Do you remember cutting paper snowflakes as a child? This is a spin on an old craft—instead of leaving it as a snowflake, put a fairy inside and make a snowflake fairy!

Christmas Mason Jars

Turn mason jars into a set of Christmas lanterns with silhouettes of magical winter landscapes.

Christmas Paper Village

Cut the printable templates out of paper and build a silhouette Christmas village for your mantle decoration! The joyous busyness of Christmas preparation is seen in every window of this little village.

All Christmas Projects

Baby’s First Christmas Craft: the Gingerbread Man Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas Craft: the Gingerbread Man Ornament

Involving every member of the family in preparation for the holiday season can be challenging if one of them is a well-meaning but little baby, not yet one-year-old. That's why a year ago I felt particularly happy whenever I could think of a Christmas activity for my...

Make the Shadow Puppets for The Gingerbread Man

Make the Shadow Puppets for The Gingerbread Man

In the winter, evenings are longer, so our family shadow puppet theatre opens more frequently. We decided to start the holiday season by staging a  familiar fairy-tale - The Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man and Its Modern Interpretation...

Picture Books that Make the Best Gifts

Picture Books that Make the Best Gifts

We love books, and have pretty much set a monthly fund for “growing the library”. It has been growing so well that the books are now everywhere. They are spilling off the shelves, and can be found in the baskets by our beds, on the kitchen table, and in the car. It...

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