Through the process of making things, we learn to understand them better. That’s why arts and crafts is the cornerstone of our creative learning phylosophy.

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Paper Toys

If you have access to a printer, paper toys are great! All you need to do is print and cut. That makes paper toys a wonderful biodegradable and easy-to-store alternative to traditional  toys!

Wooden Toys

Most of the projects we’ve built are quite simple, so children can do the majority of the work themselves.  When they help with making a toy, it becomes all the more special for them.

Other Toys

Textile toys for those who like sewing and needlefelting, clay toys for sculptors, and upcycled toys to free some space in your recycling bins!


Painting & Drawing

Watercolours, acryclics, pencils, markers, and more – there are simple projects to try for all kinds of artistic media! 


Air-dry clay and polymer clay creations.


Have a lot in your recycling bin? These project ideas will help you turn plastic, glass and cardboard into a work of art!