Our Story

We’re a Canadian family of four with a passion for creativity, arts and nature. A long time ago, when dreaming about our ideal family life, we would imagine us with kids, digging in the dirt of our garden, having wooden sword fights, going on boat trips, making flower or insect collections, and simply enjoying the old-fashioned slow kind of lifestyle. When our son was born, we both switched to working at home, so that we could enjoy more time together.

As we spent more time at home, we realized how much we liked making things with our own hands. Bake bread. Grow vegetables. Make jams. Sometimes we did this for the sake of the process more than the result. The wild berry jam was certainly delicious, but it was the walk we took to the meadow that really stood out in our memory. The blog came about to preserve memories of things we made and enjoyed, as well as to share our ideas with other do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

With two kids, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of our projects are toys. We wanted to bring magic and awe into our kids’ childhood with beautiful, imaginative and inspiring toys. Fairy tree houses, puppet theatres, unicorn hobby horses – we have had a lot of fun with those! Now, many of them are available both as tutorials on the blog and as products in our toy shop.


Got married!


Opened an Etsy toy shop. Opened an armoury. Moved across Canada (to Ontario). Had our son. Very excited!


Started the blog.


Moved back across Canada (to Saskatchewan). Bought a fixer-upper of a house. Had our daughter. So happy!

Our Crew



Mom & Idea Generator

Liska usually has about ten projects on the go with ten more in her head. Only a small portion of them get done, but life is never boring and sketchbooks never stay empty. Her preferred tool of the trade is a pencil since it works well both for writing and sketching – two of her favourite things to do. If she has a spare minute and can’t detect a pencil around, she’ll settle down for an hour of reading with good book and a bar of dark chocolate.



Dad & Builder

Jeffrey has a collection of twenty six hammers and sets a daily goal of making some creative use of them. He built his first wooden toy – a biplane constructed out of a clothespin – at the early age of seven, and has been going steady ever since. His family members think that he can figure out how to build just about anything and often take advantage of it (“Daddy, let’s make a TIE-fighter!”) When not making toys, Jeffrey works as an armourer in his backyard workshop. His other interests include history, hiking, and gardening.


Anselm a.k.a Budster

Adventure Buddy & Senior Tester

What happens when a toy sits in the rain barrel over night, or how does it compare in speed to other toys racing down the stairs? We would probably never know if it weren’t for Anselm’s enthusiastic testing. As he grows, we are also getting more suggestions for future projects from him. Anselm is very interested in drawing and engineering. When he grows up, he wants to build robots and spaceships.



Sweet Baby & Junior Tester

Born in May 2016, Faye is the last member of our crew. She is as enthusiastic as her older brother when it comes to testing our toys and ideas. Her main interests are animals, crayons and jumping off dressers. She is an adventurous spirit, but she gives very sweet hugs. 

Our Favourite Projects

Make Miniature Pies with Kids: Bottle Caps & Polymer Clay Craft

Do you want to make food for your doll house inhabitants? Produce a batch of homemade party favours? Or simply looking for a new crafting challenge to work on together for kids? These miniature pies, made with bottle caps and polymer clay, would be a blast! I have...

DIY Wooden Gradient Blocks

Inspired by the Montessori colour tablets, we decided to make our own gradient blocks. At first, I thought that they'd be a sturdier version of paint samples for creating a handmade gradient puzzle, but they actually turned out to be a very open-ended toy! This post...

DIY Toy Wooden Barn

For our son's first birthday, we built him a toy wooden barn. Since then, it has gone through extensive play testing - indoors and outdoors, on both sides of the country. So we figured it's high time we showed it and offered some guidelines to anyone who feels...

DIY Balloon-Powered Wooden Toy Boat

Boats hold a special romantic appeal, for kids as well as grown-ups. Add to this a little scientific experiment, and we have a winner - a balloon-powered boat! In this post, you'll find a tutorial on how we made one. If you want to get one quickly, you can also get it...

DIY Wooden Robot Buddy

If you want to make a simple wooden toy with a minimum of tools or are looking for the first woodworking experience for older kids, try this robot! One morning, while Budster was still sleeping, a surprise guest climbed onto his windowsill... "Wake up, Buddy! Look...

Make a Set of Wooden Coasters with Family Silhouette Portaits

Make a set of wooden coasters with portraits of your family members, and never forget which cup was whose again! Sadly, I was looking at the row of glasses and cups that once again lined up next to the sink. It seemed like for every plate in the house, I washed at...

Make the Shadow Puppets for The Gingerbread Man

In the winter, evenings are longer, so our family shadow puppet theatre opens more frequently. We decided to start the holiday season by staging a  familiar fairy-tale - The Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man and Its Modern Interpretation The Gingerbread Man is not...

Make a Dollhouse in a Box: Simple, Portable and Fun

I have a particular regard for dollhouses. In my childhood, the two shelves in my room that served as a dollhouse held as much drama as the four volumes of War and Peace. When I got older, I was fascinated with the art of building miniature houses and expressing the...

How to Make a Puppet Theatre

Want to open a puppet theatre at home or in classroom? Here is our DIY tutorial on how to build a sturdy puppet theatre from wood! And if you're looking for a simple and quick solution for building a puppet theatre, check our printable puppet theatre design. When I...

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones

Looking for a simple, cheap and cute solution for making garden markers? Try painting rocks! The post contains Amazon affiliate links for your convenience. Planting our garden last week, I was pondering the question that arises every spring - how to label my rows? I...

DIY Project: How to Make a Fairy Toy Tree House

For a quirky Waldorf-inspired uptake on a dollhouse, make a fairy tree doll house for kids from branches, wood and other natural materials! Lately, my son spent a long time, watching birds out of the window, and so he found some little bird figurines in his Easter...

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