Using this educational game, dedicated to famous women in history for kids, you will learn about twenty amazing heroines who changed the world. Includes Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks, and many more!

Famous Women in History Guess Who Game for Kids

Do you know who wrote the first novel? Murasaki Shikibu, a lady-in-waiting who lived in Japan between the 10th and 11th centuries, is considered to be the world’s first novelist.

Do you know the only person who got a Nobel Prize in two separate sciences? That was Marie Curie, who received a Nobel Prize in physics and, later, in chemistry. She did that, while working for the University of Paris, after the university in her native Poland rejected her application, on the grounds that she was, you see, a woman.

Have you ever heard of the person who identified 350,000 stars? Annie Jump Cannon did that – and changed the classification at the same time! She was also an avid photographer, who had gone mostly deaf in her youth.

History is full of amazing stories about women – as well as about their struggles to get accepted, because they were, just like Marie Curie, well… women. Women: Guess Who is a game, dedicated to them and their extraordinary achievements.

Famous Women Guess Who Game Includes 20 Women

The women featured in the game are scientists, explorers, artists, activists, and more. They come from different social classes and from different parts of the world. What unites them here is that each of them did something extraordinary—and they worked hard to get there.

Want to have a short overview of the famous women that are featured in the bundle? Check this free printable poster, featuring famous women in history and their inspiring quotes!

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Famous Women in History Guess Who Game Was Made:

  • to inspire girls and boys of today—you can be anything if you try
  • to tell about some amazing firsts (did you know who was the first programmer? what about the first deaf-blind person to graduate from college?)
  • to celebrate diversity—yes, this particular game is about famous women in history, but they all come from very different circumstances
  • to touch on some interesting facts of social history (like the times when, in order to become a nurse, a girl had to fight really hard against her parents)
  • to encourage players’ interest in learning more—and if they do, there are blank cards in the end of the game, so that they could add more characters!
My kids loved playing the game!

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How to Play the Guess Who Game

The basic version is a two-player game, where each player gets his/her own set of cards and one biography card of the mystery woman that his/her opponent needs to guess.

Famous Women Guess Who Game Setup

Players take turns asking a “yes” or “no” questions about their opponent’s mystery woman. They are not supposed to ask about their appearance— they ask about their accomplishments, based on the icons. 

How to Play Famous Women Guess Who Game

In the example above, the blue player asks, “Did she have children?” The red player whose mystery person is Marie Curie (she was actually a very caring mother, too!) says, “Yes.” Then the blue player flips over all the cards of women who did not have children. The blue players has just eliminated ten cards.

Now, it is the red player’s turn. The red player asks, “Was she involved in science?” The blue player’s mystery person is Rosa Parks, so the answer is, “No.” It allows the red player to eliminate five characters who were involved in science.

Like this, the game continues until one of the players can name the opponent’s mystery person!

Frida Kahlo and Marie Curie: Biography Card for Famous Women Guess Who Game

While the character cards are pretty small, the biography cards have a lot more information, so it is fun to take a closer look at them, once the right guess is made. There is a a name, a place of birth, dates of life, major accomplishments, a short timeline of important events, and a little quotation.

Classroom Game Rules

So, this is the game for two players. But what if you want to play in a classroom or just in a bigger group? It is an educational game, after all!

There are two editions of the game – the basic one includes the two-player-game variant and the extended one has the the two-player-game plus alternative rules for playing in a bigger group . In addition to that, it also features twenty posters with famous women in history. You could arrange them on a white board or on a table for everyone to see.

Famous Women in History Posters and Cards

Women Guess Who Game Features

  • twenty amazing women, such as Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, Nancy Wake, and many more
  • forty double-sided character cards, each featuring a full-height illustration of a mighty woman along with some of her notable accomplishments
  • twenty biography cards, each featuring a comic-style illustration, a quotation, and a short biography, and a timeline of the most important events and accomplishments
  • blank templates to make your own cards or complete research on more amazing women
  • rules for a two-player game (basic version) and a set of alternative rules for a big group (extended version only)
  • twenty full-page posters to use when playing in a classroom (extended version only)

We hope you will enjoy this game!

Get Women Guess Who Game!

Basic version here or extended version here.

If you like learning about the famous women, use the full Famous Women in History for Kids Bundle to study the topic of women who changed the world. Inspire children with stories of brave explorers, dedicated scientists and passionate activists. Discover some amazing firsts from history alongside the struggles that pioneers in all fields had to face. Finally, encourage them to learn more and find their own inspiring examples!

Famous Women in History for Kids: Guess Who Game