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We make engaging projects for our children and share them with other families and teachers who are inspired by the idea of creative learning through games, crafting and hands-on explorations. 

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in which country does the Christmas celebration

include a log that poops out presents

Recent Projects

Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

Engage in festive writing while using one of 10 free Christmas writing prompts for kids. Use a Santa letter writing template, play a Christmas would-you-rather game on paper, write a holiday acrostic, and more! The month before Christmas is filled with the smell of...

Free Printable Dollhouse Template

Free Printable Dollhouse Template

Learn how to make a cardboard dollhouse with this free printable dollhouse template! We all know that in the realm of toy potential, cardboard boxes rank high. They can be turned into cars, boats, airplanes, robot helmets, or dollhouses - more or less anything. Doll...

Animal Magna-Tile Idea Cards

Animal Magna-Tile Idea Cards

Combine the study of animals with engineering by using these printable magna tile idea cards and inspiring young builders to create 40 animal designs from magnetic tiles! In order to make a connection with a new topic of study, it sometimes helps to tie it in with an...

Open a Shadow Puppet Theatre at Home!

Be an actor, a screenwriter or a prop designer, while reenacting familiar fairy-tales and inventing your own stories! Fairy-tales, myth & legends, animals and fantasy creatures – choose your shadow puppet set today.

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