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Do you like making things? Then you’re at the right place! We love building, tinkering, painting, and doodling. If you want to join the world of rustic fairy tree houses, tin can robots and giant space paintings, take a look around!

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Frog Life Cycle Pom Pom Craft for Nature Studies

Illustrate the frog life cycle with pom poms and pipe cleaners by making pom pom frogs, tadpoles and eggs!  At first, a pom pom frog was just a simple craft to do with kids, but we were quite impressed with the potential of pipe cleaner articulation and ended up...

Best Board Games for Preschoolers that Adults Will Like Too

Do you like playing board games and wonder which are the best games for preschoolers - that adults would also like? Here is the list of our favourite games to play as a family with three- and four-year-olds. In our life before kids, I was an enthusiastic board game...

How to Make a Windmill Model with a Printable Pattern

Make a windmill model at home and hold an engineering study with children! With a printable template, building your own toy windmill is a quick and easy STEM activity. Windmills are fascinating machines, both aesthetically and technologically. For centuries, they have...

Open a Shadow Puppet Theatre at Home!

Be an actor, a screenwriter or a prop designer, while reenacting familiar fairy-tales and inventing your own stories! Fairy-tales, myth & legends, animals and fantasy creatures – choose your shadow puppet set today.

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