Learning or playing? We think BOTH! 

We make engaging projects for our children and share them with other families and teachers who are inspired by the idea of creative learning through games, crafting and hands-on explorations. 

Make a search for the topic that interests you below! E.g. “life-size anatomy model”, “astronaut paper dolls” or “LEGO game”. 

Recent Projects

Best Math Apps for Kids

Best Math Apps for Kids

We have selected the best math apps for kids that make math learning engaging, creative, and fun! Believing that the quality of screen time is as important as quantity, I have been collecting educational apps for my children for several years. It is now a universally...

Things for Kids to Draw

Things for Kids to Draw

Are your kids wondering what to draw? Get this list of drawing prompts and fun things for kids to draw! “Mom, what can I do?” “Well, you like drawing. Why don’t you draw something?” “Okay… But what can I draw?” At some point, you’ve likely had a similar conversation...

Printable Word Games

Printable Word Games

Use over 100 cards with family-friendly categories and play these three free printable word games. Fun for kids and adults! Word games are among our family's favourites. They're fun and versatile. Different ages can participate, to the best of their abilities. And...

Open a Shadow Puppet Theatre at Home!

Be an actor, a screenwriter or a prop designer, while reenacting familiar fairy-tales and inventing your own stories! Fairy-tales, myth & legends, animals and fantasy creatures – choose your shadow puppet set today.

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