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We make engaging projects for our children and share them with other families and teachers who are inspired by the idea of creative learning through games, crafting and hands-on explorations. 

Make a search for the topic that interests you below! E.g. “life-size anatomy model” or “a LEGO game”. 


in which country does the Christmas celebration

include a log that poops out presents

Recent Projects

Science Graphic Novels

Science Graphic Novels

Science graphic novels are a great way for kids and adults to combine educational and enjoyable reading into one! It used to be a common belief that comic books don't deserve attention from a serious reader. Nothing can be further from truth with these science comic...

Free Printable Winter Paper Dolls

Free Printable Winter Paper Dolls

Get these printable paper dolls ready for winter with a free set of warm and festive winter clothes! What's winter like, in the way of clothes? Well, that depends on where one lives... But, overall, in many northern places , it's usually colder than the rest of the...

Anatomy Books for Kids

Anatomy Books for Kids

Pick one of these anatomy books for kids to supplement your studies of the human body! Children start asking questions about their bodies very early. A younger sibling on the way prompts, "Where do babies come from?" An argument over candies naturally leads to a...

Open a Shadow Puppet Theatre at Home!

Be an actor, a screenwriter or a prop designer, while reenacting familiar fairy-tales and inventing your own stories! Fairy-tales, myth & legends, animals and fantasy creatures – choose your shadow puppet set today.

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