Learning or playing? We think BOTH! 

We make engaging projects for our children and share them with other families and teachers who are inspired by the idea of creative learning through games, crafting and hands-on explorations. 

Make a search for the topic that interests you below! E.g. “life-size anatomy model”, “astronaut paper dolls” or “LEGO game”. 

Recent Projects

Homeschooling Tips & Tricks

Homeschooling Tips & Tricks

Are you considering homeschooling? Read our best homeschooling tips and tricks along with our top homeschooling curriculum choices! Over the last few weeks, several friends have approached me with questions about homeschooling. With the uncertainty about school...

Printable Board Games

Printable Board Games

Printable board games for kids make learning a fun and engaging experience! We enjoy playing board and card games. It is a good multi-generational experience, and there is always an aspect of creativity, logical thinking or strategical planning involved. Additionally,...

Reading and Writing Apps for Kids

Reading and Writing Apps for Kids

We have selected the best reading and writing apps for kids that make English lessons engaging, creative, and fun! While we fully endorse the ideas of hands-on learning, reading aloud, and nature exploration, we like to use electronics to our advantage all the same....

Open a Shadow Puppet Theatre at Home!

Be an actor, a screenwriter or a prop designer, while reenacting familiar fairy-tales and inventing your own stories! Fairy-tales, myth & legends, animals and fantasy creatures – choose your shadow puppet set today.

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