Flag Magna Tile Idea Cards


Engage your creativity and study geography with our Flag Magna-Tile Idea Pack, featuring 32 flags from around the world!

This listing is for a PDF file to print your own designs. 


Explore flags of the world by building them with magnetic tiles!

This new pack includes all-new designs that weren’t available in our previous collections. You can build the flags of France, Switzerland, Japan, Greenland, and many more—32 countries in total, including less commonly seen flags like Mauritius and Mali. Some are easier, such as the flag of Ukraine, while others, like that of Lebanon, are a bit more challenging. Whether for educational purposes or as a fun activity, these Magna-Tile designs provide a unique way to explore world geography through play

Print the cards and have fun building!

In a Nutshell, Flag Magnetic Tile Pack Features:

  • 32 two-dimensional magnetic tile designs of different complexity
  • the printable cards come in two scales (four cards per page, which is a convenient card size, and one design per page, which is closer to full-scale and easiest to replicate)
  • new designs not found in any of our previous packs
  • designs that show flags of the world: France, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Mauritius, Ireland, Mali, Bangladesh, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Greenland, Maldives, Benin, Madagascar, San Marino, Indonesia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Sierra Leone, Lithuania, Kuwait, Estonia, Luxembourg, Russia, Belgium, Republic of the Congo, Trinidad and Tobago.

Why Use Our Inspiration Cards?

  1. The cards act as puzzles, like tangrams, to figure out and build. Each card presents a good enough view of the model for children to figure out how it was constructed. However, building a copy of it, especially the 3D designs, requires some thinking and engineering skills. It also naturally involves math skills, such as recognizing shapes and counting the pieces.
  2. The cards act as inspiration for future builds, either by teaching them a new technique through building one of our magnetic tile ideas or by suggesting a different branch of subject matter than had been considered before.
  3. The cards encourage children to take a new look at an old toy and inspire more creative play.

All of Our Magna-Tile Idea Cards:


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