Magnetic Tiles Idea Cards: 2D Geometric Shapes


A great addition to your elementary math corner, these idea cards encourage kids to make geometric shapes with Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, and other magnetic tiles etc. The pack includes 60 cards with various building challenges!

This listing is for the digital design to print your own cards. 

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60 cards of three different types:

  • Type 1: 12 cards, naming 12 shapes that can be represented or built using magnetic tiles
  • Type 2: 24 challenge cards, giving an idea of what shape to build and what tiles to use, but not showing the design. For example: “Can you build a rectangle using four right triangles?” For children who cannot read, a picture of the shape is included.
  • Type 3: 24 inspiration cards, showing a magnetic tile design to build

Type 2 and type 3 cards can be printed as double-sided cards, where one side will present a challenge and the other side will show the solution to it.


Benefits of Using 2D Geometric Shapes Cards with Magnetic Tiles

Working with 2D Geometric Shape Cards is beneficial for:

  • Introducing common geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, different types of triangles, parallelograms, rhombuses, trapezoids and hexagons.
  • developing critical thinking while working on challenges
  • practising matching skills and patterning

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