Magnetic Tiles Idea Cards: 3D Creative Designs


A great addition to your STEM centre, these idea cards inspire kids to make creative 3D designs from Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, etc. This PDF file comes with 44 different designs!

You can also buy this product as a part of Magna Tile Idea Cards bundle (35% off!).

This listing is for the digital design to print your own cards. 


Magna Tiles 3D Creative Designs Pack is full of ideas and inspiration for building with magnetic tiles! Print and laminate the cards to inspire hours of creative play, as children are challenged to replicate the designs, build their own versions and even add other toys in for a more engaging experience. Animals, houses, bridges, spaceships, ships, doll furniture, geometric forms, and more!

The pack includes forty four magnetic tile 3D designs. They can be printed on cards in two scales:

  • Four cards on one sheet: convenient card size
  • One design on one sheet: closer to full-scale and easiest to replicate

Laminate for longer use!

Benefits of Using 3D Creative Design Cards

  • developing critical thinking and engineering skills by working on building challenges
  • practising matching skills, counting and patterning
  • introducing 3D geometric forms
  • encouraging open-ended play with finished constructions

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