Printable Magnetic Tile Earth


Can you build Earth from magnetic tiles? For sure – with this set of printable designs!

This listing is for a PDF file to print your own designs. 


Six squares and eight equilateral triangles form the tetradecahedron of our “globe.” You can use any of the compatible magnetic tile brands, such as Magna-tiles, Connetix, Picasso Tiles, Shape Mags, etc.We laid out temporary lines of longitude and latitude on our shapes as a drawing guide and then used Google Earth to faithfully render the landforms. This made the finished design as close as possible to the real Earth, only very small and a bit lumpy. Now, all you have to do is print it out!

Earth Magnetic Tile Design Features

  • 14 full-colour printable stickers that are scaled to fit all compatible magnetic tiles: Magna-tiles, Connetix, Picasso Tiles, Shape Mags, etc. The stickers print out in the pattern that they will be adhered and assembled in.
  • A separate layout page is also provided. It’s optional – don’t bother with it if you want a tougher puzzle!
  • This globe does not have borders, place names, or lines of demarcation—it depicts our planet as a natural object.

Benefits of Using 2D Creative Design Cards

  • Cutting, sorting and manipulating the shapes is a great fine-motor exercise.
  • Following the provided image to assemble the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is a puzzle that uses shape recognition, counting, and mental rotation.
  • Assembling the tiles into their final globe form requires planning and careful manipulation.
  • The assembled globe can be used to discuss Earth’s continents, ecoregions, and landforms and their simplified representation on maps.
  • Feel free to build on the project by writing or drawing whatever names and delineations would add to your study of the Earth!

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