Flag Bingo Printable Geography Game


Flag Bingo is a printable educational game that challenges children to learn and identify the flags of the world.

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Flag Bingo is a printable educational game that challenges children to learn and identify the flags of the world. Featuring the flags of 120 countries and with several ways to play, Flag Bingo is a fun supplement to teaching geography in preschool, kindergarten and grades 1-6!

Every country in the world has a flag as a symbol of their nation, each with its own particular colours and design. Knowing flags can be useful when travelling and during international events such as the Olympic games or Eurovision. And at sea, flags are of the utmost importance, as they can mean the difference between friend and enemy! Moreover, it is simply an interesting topic of social geography, history, and symbolism, since many flags have extensive meanings hidden in their colours and emblems.

Flags often make a fascinating topic for children. Through flags, they can start learning about the great variety of countries in the world. Flags are colourful enough to hold the attention of even very young children, and older children appreciate the clear connection between the flag and the country.

Play the game and learn about flags!

The Flag Bingo game features:

  • Flags of 120 countries
  • A wide variety of Bingo cards—cards with flags from all over the world, cards with flags from specific continents only and cards with particularly tricky flags that are easy to mix up; cards that offer a cue by picturing both the flag and the name of the country, only the flag or only the name of the country!
  • Cultural information on the symbolic meaning of 48 flags with the blank sheet provided to research the rest
  • The ability to print copies for as many players as you want
  • Two sets of rules to use with several optional rules
  • Multiple levels of complexity to appeal to children as young as 5, but also to older children, teenagers, and even adults
  • The possibility to learn/play even for pre-literate children!

Teaches: pattern recognition & memorization, geography & symbolic meanings.

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