Valentine’s Day Unit Study


In this creative Valentine’s Day unit study, you will learn about the history of the holiday, discover unique traditions associated with love festivals around the world, and colour a giant poster illustrating them.

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About Valentine’s Day Unit Study

In this lesson, we will:

  • Explore the complex history of Valentine’s Day across many centuries. Who was Saint Valentine? Which information about him is accurate, and which is likely from myths and legends? Did you know that the romantic nature of this holiday can be traced to one particular poem? Which invention of the 19th century significantly increased the popularity of the holiday? Find out the answers – and read funny comics along the way!
  • Create a brief timeline illustrating how the holiday evolved through time.
  • Estimate how many people celebrate Valentine’s Day in various countries and check if those estimates are accurate. 
  • Discover how Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide and talk about similar celebrations. Did you know that Valentine’s Day in Denmark includes paper snowflakes with poems from mystery authors? Did you know that Guatemala celebrates old people alongside their Valentine’s Day?
  • Assemble a giant poster illustrating love celebrations from around the world and colour it together.
  • Create your own addition to the poster by drawing and writing either about your special Valentine’s Day traditions or unique Valentine’s Day traditions from countries not mentioned in the poster.


Valentine’s Day Unit Study Includes

  • a lesson plan with daily activities and suggestions for supplementary materials
  • Valentine’s Day history text with illustrations and questions for discussion
  • a template for creating a succinct Valentine’s Day history timeline
  • map activity that prompts students to make estimates on how many people celebrate Valentine’s Day in different countries (with answers included)
  • nine colouring pages describing and illustrating unique traditions of celebrating Valentine’s Day (and other love-themed holidays) around the world
  • questions for further research
  • templates for illustrating more traditions (either your own or from countries not included in the poster)


Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine’s Day Unit Study

– How much time does this unit study take?

While every family/class moves at their pace, the unit study suggests two plans: a 5-day lesson plan with a more in-depth study and a 2-day lesson plan with a more basic overview. Altogether, it will take about 5 hours to complete the Valentine’s Day unit study.

– Is this unit study secular?

Yes, this unit study is entirely secular. It does mention the ancient Roman holiday Lupercalia and discusses the man who later became known as Saint Valentine, but it does so in an objective manner.


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