Printable Paper Dolls: School Uniforms Around the World


With this printable template, you can make paper dolls of children dressed in school uniforms around the world. On the following pages, you will find the costumes of both boys and girls from ten different countries: Great Britain, China, Japan, India, Cuba, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, and Uruguay.

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you need.


The practice of wearing uniforms to school is common in many parts of the world. In many countries, there is an ongoing discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniforms. In theory, school uniforms promote social equality as well as a sense of unity among students. At the same time, they are criticized for taking a certain independence and freedom of self-expression away from students.

The debate aside, school uniforms are a familiar part of many students’ everyday routine. While the routine may often look the same—get up, get dressed, go to school—the uniforms certainly don’t! From traditional clothes in Bhutan to sport suits in China, from white dust smocks in Uruguay to sailor suits in Japan — school uniform reflect the amazing diversity of culture around the world.

Join our paper dolls in getting ready for school and find out what school uniforms around the world look like!


  • nine paper dolls: five coloured paper dolls + four colour-your-own paper dolls
  • twenty coloured school uniforms from ten countries (Great Britain, China, Japan, India, Cuba, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, and Uruguay): each uniform set comes with a costume for a boy and a costume for a girl, and all the costumes are also available in colour-your-own versions
  • ten cards with information about school uniforms in those countries
  • map of the world with all the countries marked
  • the designs can be used for making a classic paper doll with folding tabs as well as a magnetic doll.

All total, 30 pages of illustrations and information on school uniforms in a PDF file!



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