Animal Pattern Block Templates


These 50 animal pattern block designs are perfect for STEM centres in your preschool or kindergarten! Children will learn the names of animals, practice building skills and math – all at once.

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This listing is for downloadable PDF files. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


Inside of the pack, you will find 50 pattern block designs. Not only are there many animal designs to choose from, but each of them is offered in four different formats to reinforce different skills, which results in a collection of 200+ fun challenges for a variety of ages. Working with pattern blocks reinforces basic math skills such as counting, patterning, and shape and colour recognition.

The ANIMALS pattern block templates feature:

  • Three levels of complexity, based on the cards you choose to use:
  1. Coloured cards are easiest to use for young students.
  2. Black-and-white cards increase difficulty and encourage students to pay attention to the shape rather the colour.
  3. Silhouette cards provide a challenge to older students, who will have to build the figure based only on its silhouette.
  • Two scales of cards: four designs on one sheet (convenient card size) and one design per sheet (100% scale and easiest to replicate for young children ).
  • Cards that ask children to solve an additional mathematical problem by counting the blocks of a certain colour.


Benefits of ANIMALS pattern block templates:

Working with the design templates is beneficial for:

  • Practicing basic math skills: matching, counting, shape and colour recognition, and patterning
  • Developing critical thinking and spatial awareness working on building challenges
  • Working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills



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