Three Billy Goats Gruff: 7 Puppets


8 card stock shadow puppets & sticks to stage the shadow puppet play Three Billy Goats Gruff.

See our performance here!


Shadow puppetry is beneficial for children of various ages, encouraging development of:

  • literacy & memory
  • imagination & creativity
  • storytelling, oration & recitation

Most importantly, playing with puppets while telling your favourite stories is great fun for parents and grandparents who want to connect with their children in a creative way. Let the playful shadows frolic across the walls and bring the magic of ancient theatre into your playroom!

This set is based on the Norwegian fairy-tale Three Billy Goats Gruff and includes three goats, a troll, a bridge and two patches of grass.

Recommended age: 0+ if watching; 3+ if handling

Dimensions: characters – 4-6” H; sticks – 10” L

Material: 90 lb card stock + bamboo sticks

Origin: made in Canada


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