Windmill Model: Printable Template

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Get a printable template for making a windmill model at home and hold an engineering study with children! You will get a coloured version as you see on the pictures as well as a black-and-white version for children to colour.

This listing is for the digital design in PDF format. 11 pages. 


Windmills are fascinating machines. Build one at home to study how it works!

Educational benefits:

  • A windmill is interesting to study as one one of the simple machines – it demonstrates the principle of a wheel and axle mechanism.
  • Experimenting with blades presents a good opportunity for a little scientific study. How does the number of blades affect the speed of rotation? How does the pitch? And the distance from the fan? You’ll find our conclusion in the end of the post.
  • Making a craft that actually moves is sure to entertain even the youngest of kids, and with the help of a household fan, this windmill flies! Older kids can either build it themselves or help with assembling and painting, getting a unique crafting experience.

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  1. mharris (verified owner)

    This project was great to do with my preschool kids online. It helped make the lesson on renewable energy not only fun for my students, their parents as well.

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