Nature STEAM pack: Explore Nature with 10 Printable Projects


Explore nature with 10 printable STEAM projects for children! They will learn about nature while playing games, completing engineering challenges, going on scavenger hunts, and making art with natural materials. Get the bundle and save 60% compared to buying the products individually!

This listing is for 10 downloadable PDF files. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


Explore nature with 10 printable STEAM projects for children! If you live in the country, if you live in town, even if you live in a big city — this pack will bring your children and nature closer together, as they learn to spot birds, complete animal house engineering challenges, identify animal tracks, keep a nature journal, make art with natural materials, and many more.

The world of nature and its inhabitants are quiet and can easily be overlooked, but if children learn to notice small details, it will open a whole new world to them, where the colouration of a bird can tell you its gender and a cloud shape can predict the weather.


  • Nature Journal Template (science + art): Our appreciation of the world around us grows when we pay close attention to small details. Nature journals help us focus on our surroundings and record our observations. This template is an introduction to nature journalism for children, presenting it as both unique art and science practice.
  • Animals Tracks: Matching Game with 45 Animal Cards (science): Animal tracks can become a window into an otherwise hidden world—the presence and habits of wild animals. In a playful and engaging manner, this game introduces the subject of animal tracking to children. Read more here.
  • Animal Houses: 10 Engineering Challenges (science + engineering): Some animals go to great effort to engineer their perfect dwelling. It becomes especially obvious as we try to learn their techniques and replicate their work. Using this pack, children will learn about ten animals and the amazing structures they build, then attempt to build their own versions of these specific dwellings.
  • Bird Pairs: Matching Game with 63 Bird Cards (science): In a lively and captivating way, the game introduces the subject of bird spotting and identification, taking into consideration how different the birds of one species can look, depending on their gender and the time of the year. Read more here.
  • Sea Life: Memory Game with 90 Animal Cards (science): Children play a memory game while learning about sea animals around the world. Read more here.
  • Nature Art Bird Prompts (science + art): Six ink bird drawings invite children to finish them with natural materials. Collaborate with nature and create gorgeous pictures! Read more here.
  • Nature Math Scavenger Hunts (science + math): The game encourages children to go outside and explore! While working on the lists of things to find, players learn a few basic facts about nature and also do some elementary math. Read more here.
  • Insect Symmetry: Draw-the-Missing Half Prompts (science + math + art): This pack of drawing prompts teach children the basics of bilateral symmetry, while challenging them to practice math and identify insects! Read more here.
  • Weather Wheel Template (science + engineering): Weather observation is one scientific interaction we have with nature on a daily basis. This adjustable weather wheel will give children an opportunity to make weather observation an enjoyable part of their daily routine.
  • Cloud Wheel with Identification Guide (science + engineering): This cloud wheel will help children to observe weather and learn to identify ten of the most common types of clouds, casually introducing terms like “cumulonimbus” and “altostratus”. Read more here.


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