Make an All About My Dad printable poster for a special father figure in your life! If you have a special granddad to congratulate, there are separate templates for an All About My Grandpa printable poster.

All About My Dad Printable Poster

Children say the funniest and the most sincere things when asked the right questions! That’s why filling in a questionnaire like this All About My Dad printable poster can bring very satisfying results – and an unforgettable personalized gift. It’s completely free, too. As long as you have a printer, you can print as many copies as you want.

If you are looking for a way to include a child or several children in making a gift for Father’s Day, Dad’s birthday, or any other holiday, this can be it. Slip the pages to the children and have them secretly fill in the questionnaire, then pair the finished posters with whatever other present you might be preparing. Here is a list of Father’s Day gifts for kids and dads to enjoy together that my kids and I considered a few years back!

As a homeschooling family passionate about learning and creativity, we are always looking for opportunities to engage in both, and this kind of poster seemed just about perfect for that.

When I gave these All About My Dad printable posters to my kids, they spent about half an hour thinking about what to write, writing and – at least in the case of my daughter – colouring the posters. And that was their writing project for the day. I think we all felt good about what they accomplished that day. I like to have quick creative writing prompts around, and the All About My Dad printable poster seemed particularly meaningful because of its seasonal value.

My daughter is filling in the questionnaire for her dad

All About My Dad Printable Poster Questions

The questions aren’t long nor are they very serious. They are intended to prompt a series of sincere, positive, and imaginative answers. As my daughter put it, “This should make Daddy smile!”

All about my dad - printable PDF

Here are they are:

  • What does your dad usually say?
  • What 3 facts come to your mind when you think about your dad?
  • What award would you assign to your dad?
  • What are your best memories made together?
  • What would you give to your dad if you could give him anything?

There is also a space for drawing a portrait and a place to sign the portrait and the rest of the poster.

My children have made the posters for their dad this year, and I had a good-natured laugh over their answers. I think my husband will love them! (Speaking of which, Jeffrey, if you are reading this article before Father’s Day, don’t check the picture below just yet. It’s supposed to be a surprise!)

Examples of filled questionnaires about Dad

How to Use the All About My Dad Printable Poster

Some questions require a written answer, but others have space for a drawing. If your children are too young to write but capable of answering questions, go ahead and transcribe their answers for them, then let them colour and draw on the poster.

The templates include a variety of terms for a father: Dad, Daddy, Dada, Father, and Papa.

All About Dad, All About Father, All About Papa, and other printable questionnaires

There are also templates for creating an All About My Grandpa printable poster, as well as others for Granddad, Grampy, and Pop.

All About Granddad, All About Grampy, All About Grandpa printable posters

Have I missed any popular nicknames? Send me a note, and I can add one.

And if your family uses a different name, feel free to use the blank template. With its help, you can easily create a poster for a stepfather, an uncle, a brother, or a guardian.

To be completely honest, there is no reason why you can’t use the blank one for mom, grandma, or an aunt… My daughter thought that I deserve a poster too and made one for my birthday, using the blank template. I haven’t seen it yet!

All About blank poster

Get the Free Printable Poster!

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All About My Dad Free Printable