Get these free printable paper dolls ready for summer with a set of light and colourful summer clothes!

Having already tried winter and spring/autumn clothes, our paper dolls are heading into summer with a new set of free printable clothes.

What do we wear in the summer? Light dresses, short sleeves, and, of course, swimming wear! At least, for children swimwear is an important aspect of summer, so they can run through sprinklers, have water fights, and go for a dip in a lake or pool.

Our paper dolls now have two sets of swimming wear – and a ball to boot! They also have a pair of binoculars for bird watching and two hats for keeping cool in the sun.

I think they have a nice summer ahead of them.

They’re inviting children to participate in their fun. Just download the free template at the end of the post!

Summer Paper Dolls Feature

  • free paper doll templates (four full-colour + four colour-your-own dolls)
  • free templates for four full costumes (full-colour + colour-your-own costumes)

As always, you can mix and match the outfits, both within this set and within the other sets. The summer paper dolls finish our collection of seasonal clothes (winter and spring/autumn), so you can now use them all together. And if you want more paper doll bases, like in the photo, please, check this free set of twenty additional paper doll bases.

How to Make Paper Dolls

To make the dolls, simply print all the templates on sheets of card stock and cut them out with scissors and/or a hobby knife. If you have a Silhouette Machine or Cricut (affiliate links), you can use them for with PNG paper dolls designs that we started adding to our sets.

Paper dolls are charming old-fashioned toys, and they are great for developing fine motor skills in children. But if your children are not interested in fiddling with tabs, there is an easy solution for making them into magnetic dolls.

You can either use magnetic paper for printing or cut off the tabs and attach pieces of magnetic tape or magnet dots to the back of the dolls and the clothes.

You can even laminate them for longevity! This is what I do for my four-year-old daughter, who loves playing with paper dolls, but can’t be guaranteed to not have sticky fingers.

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