Get these free printable dress-up paper dolls ready for the fall and spring!

Autumn is here, and our printable paper dolls need warmer clothes, so I was happy to oblige.

I have mixed feelings about autumn. The first yellow leaf always gives me this bittersweet longing. There is a lot to like about autumn. The weather is perfect – not too hot and not too cold. In the evening, the air is crispy clear, and it’s pleasant to go for long walks, with leaves swirling around and getting underfoot with a satisfying crunch. Those beautiful leaves! Truly, early autumn is probably my favourite season. But then, in no time, the colourful leaves turn brown and get stomped into dirt. The weather cools rapidly, and suddenly going outside turns into an arctic expedition. Bang! For the next six months, it’s winter. At least, that’s how it’s here.

With this in mind, I love to fill my autumn days with bright happy things – colourful umbrellas, yellow raincoats and boots. They blend well into the vibrant colours of September, then contrast well with the dullness of November, all the while keeping my thoughts positive. It’s difficult to feel down, while putting on a pair of shiny red rain boots.

That’s why the paper dolls also got bright autumn outfits – a red jacket with a red hat for an elegant look and a yellow vest with a pair of yellow rain boots for exploring puddles. A rainbow umbrella is also included. But if you want different colours, nothing could be easier – all the costumes also have a colour-your-own version.

The girls are luckier in this set. Both outfits will fit them, while the boys will have to do with just one.

Update: I’ve added a winter and a summer set of printable outfits for the paper dolls, but what about spring? Spring is pretty similar to autumn in terms of the weather. So, later I made this set bigger by adding a few spring costumes. It now includes both autumn and spring clothes!

Autumn & Spring Paper Dolls Feature

  • Four colourful paper doll bases and four colour-your-own paper dolls. If you want to have more bases, download twenty additional bases here!
  • Four costumes with two hats, four tops and four bottoms, and one umbrella (all of them in two versions – colourful and colour-your-own).

Why Play with Dress-Up Dolls?

If you played with dress-up paper dolls while growing up, you probably remember how much fun it was! From an adult’s perspective, we can also see how useful this activity can be for a child’s development. Here are a few important skills that making paper dolls and playing with them can encourage:

  • Fine motor skills. Think scissor cutting practice! Operating all the tabs is a useful challenge, as well. Truth be told, tabs may turn out too challenging for very young children. If so, you can make magnetic dolls instead.
  • Creativity and art skills. Because who wouldn’t want to make some additional costumes for the dolls? All the dolls and the costumes also have a colour-your-own version, so there is a lot to do for children who like to colour, as well.
  • Storytelling skills. The dolls act as great storytelling prompts!

They are also really easy and cheap to make. It’s just paper, after all. By printing the designs, you can make as many copies as you want, so it isn’t a big deal if a doll gets torn.

How to Make Dress-Up Dolls

Cut the dolls from the pages with the base dolls. Cut the clothes out, using scissors or a hobby knife.

You can make a classic paper doll with the paper layers that attach with folding tabs, or you can make a magnetic doll to go on a fridge or magnetic board. In order to make the doll magnetic, you can either print it on special magnetic sheets OR print it on standard paper and adhere little strips of magnet tape to the back. For extra long life, laminate the clothes and the dolls before gluing magnets to them.

And now, it’s time to play.

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Thank you for reading!

Spring and Autumn Printable Paper Dolls