70 Free Printable Lego Challenge Cards


Make a set of free printable Lego challenge cards to inspire builders of all ages in their creative play!

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Are you looking for LEGO inspiration and building challenges? This set of 70 free printable Lego challenge cards will get anyone through “builder’s block”! 

Inside the PDF, you will find:

  • 70 individual LEGO challenge cards (print and cut)
  • 2 pages of LEGO challenge lists (to stick on the fridge/whiteboard for inspiration)
  • blank cards to make more challenges

The challenges vary greatly in theme and difficulty. Some are simple – like building your family out of minifigures or building a car to fit one of them; some are more involved – like building a board game from LEGO or building a perfect island for shipwrecking. There are many straightforward building challenges, but some encourage using LEGO in combination with other activities (building a variety of everyday objects out of LEGO, making a photo story about a LEGO minifigure, or making a LEGO sculpture that would blend well with natural elements).


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