Ocean Life Shadow Puppet Printables


This set includes ten uniquely designed shadow puppets of sea animals. Read below for more details.


Shadow play is an activity with a powerful visual component that can engage the whole family. It is an ancient form of storytelling in which puppets are held between a source of light and a translucent screen. As a result crisp shadows are cast on the screen, and a puppeteer can make them talk, dance and act. Babies and toddlers will enjoy watching the performance, and older children will delight at creating their own shows.

In the evening, we take our shadow puppet theatre out (check here how to make one), and as twilight turns into night, the enchanting and mysterious play begins.

This set includes ten puppets of coral reef animals: a clownfish, a blue tang, a Moorish idol, a great white shark, an octopus, a sea turtle, an eagle ray, a seahorse, and a star fish. While our designs are based on real animals, if your child is a fan of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, he can use it to play with characters! Find out more about games we had with this set here.

Cut the silhouettes out of stiff black cardboard and attach sticks to their backs. If you want to buy these puppets, already cut, please, check this page!