As a part of the Junk Play series that focuses on creating crafts and toys for kids from recyclables, we made a little peek-a-boo book from envelopes.

Make a Peek-a-Boo book from Envelopes: a fun upcycling idea for kids!


Lately, my son has been very partial to sea creatures – whales, sharks, and dolphins. We took him to see the aquarium, which was an amazing experience for all of us, and he has a few books on the subject that he looks at by himself. I decided to make him another one. This peek-a-boo book is a bit different: photos of the animals are preceded by pages cut from envelopes with windows, so before seeing the actual animals, he can take a guess about who he’s going to see.

You can help with questions, “Now, whose tail is that? Who has suction cups on her limbs? Whose brightly-coloured fin do you see here?”

I was surprised how good Budster turned out to be at this game! After looking through the photos once, he could guess all the animals. We’ll try again today and see how much he remembers.

Instead of a book, it could be fun to make a peek-a-boo board for kids. Babies usually adore lift-the-flaps, so it could be a great game for them! And, of course, any theme that interests your kid would work – from vehicles to breeds of dogs. So, check your mailbox, gather some envelopes with windows and make your own book!

Materials for Making a Peek-a-Boo Book

– envelopes with windows (you can use clean ones if you want, or you can upcycle the ones from your mail)

– printed photos, pictures cut from magazines or postcards

– a hole punch

– a couple of key rings

How to Make a  Peek-a-Boo Book

Make a Peek-a-Boo book from Envelopes: a fun upcycling idea for kids!

1. Print the photos or cut the pictures from magazines and postcards. Trim them down to one size.

2. Trim the envelopes down to the same size.

3. Sort the pictures and the envelopes to make it so that they would interchange.

4. Make holes in your stack of papers. A hole punch with a ruler, like the one on the picture, really helped me to make it quicker, since I could only make holes through four sheets at a time.

5. Put key rings through the holes.

And enjoy the book!

Make a Peek-a-Boo book from Envelopes: a fun upcycling idea for kids!

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