Alice in Wonderland: 10 Shadow Puppets


10 shadow puppets to stage the shadow puppet play, based around Alice in Wonderland. Promotes imaginative open-ended play and develops storytelling skills!


If you already have a flashlight, then this is all you need in order to present the Alice in Wonderland shadow puppet show. Open the set, attach the sticks provided, and let the story unravel on the walls of your very own playroom. Add a cardboard box with a parchment paper screen stretched across an opening to make a theatre, and you can stage spectacular performances for friends and family!

This shadow puppets inspires open-ended shadow puppet play and storytelling, based around the characters of Alice in Wonderland. It includes the characters of Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. In addition, the set comes with the silhouette of a tree, a mushroom, a bottle, and a cake for reenacting some of the most famous scenes. 

Shadow puppetry is beneficial for children of various ages, encouraging development of:
– literacy & memory
– imagination & creativity
– storytelling, oration & recitation!

Most importantly, playing with puppets while telling your favourite stories is great fun for parents and grandparents who want to connect with their children in a creative way. Let the playful shadows frolic across the walls and bring the magic of ancient theatre into your playroom! 

Recommended age: 0+ if watching; 3+ if handling

Dimensions: characters – 4-6” H; sticks – 10” L

Material: 90 lb card stock + bamboo sticks

Origin: made in Canada


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