Beauty & the Beast Printable Shadow Puppet Set


Download and cut your own puppets of Beauty and the Beast!

This listing is for the digital design to cut your own version. If you want to buy the finished puppets already cut, please check here!


Step into the enchanting world of a classic fairy tale with our Beauty and the Beast Shadow Puppet Set! 

This collection features eight uniquely designed puppets, including Beauty, Beast, Prince, Beauty’s Father, two Nasty Sisters, a majestic castle with a rose garden, and the iconic enchanted rose. Perfect for storytelling, imaginative play, or educational activities, this set brings the timeless tale of love and transformation to life. Whether you’re reliving the story or creating your own magical twists, these shadow puppets are sure to provide hours of entertainment and creativity.

If you have a flashlight, that’s all you need to present a shadow puppet show. After checking out, you will receive a ZIP archive with scaled PNG files that you can cut by hand or load into your paper-cutting machine’s software. Print and cut the shadow puppets, attach the sticks, and let the story unravel on the walls of your playroom.

Additionally, you can make a simple cardboard puppet theatre and can stage spectacular performances for friends and family!

Shadow puppetry is beneficial for children of various ages, encouraging the development of:
– literacy & memory
– imagination & creativity
– storytelling, oration & recitation!

Most importantly, playing with puppets while telling your favourite stories is great fun for parents, grandparents, and educators who want to connect with children creatively.

Let the playful shadows frolic across the walls and bring the magic of ancient theatre into your playroom!

If you want to buy the finished puppets already cut, please check here!

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