Christmas Around the World: Posters & Colouring Pages


Study twenty Christmas characters from around the world by reading about them and colouring comic-style pages!

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This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


Christmas Around the World: Posters & Colouring Pages consist of twenty information pages and twenty colouring pages. Every information page features a full-colour picture of a character, a list of countries that he or she visits, the date of the visit, and a short story about him or her. Every colouring page features a picture of a character in black and white for students to colour and a list of questions for students to answer, summarizing what they have learned about the character. Students can use the colouring pages to make their own book of Christmas characters!

Christmas Around the World: Posters & Colouring Pages Features

  • twenty information posters about Christmas characters around the world: Santa Claus and Christmas Elf (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia),  Befana (Italy), Christkind (Austria, Switzerland, Germany and many other European countries), Julenisse (Scandinavia), Knecht Ruprecht (Germany), Krampus (Austria, Germany, Croatia), Olentzero (parts of Spain and France), Saint Lucia (Scandinavia and Italy), Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and many other European countries), Grandfather Frost (Russia), Snegurochka (Russia), Chyskhaan (Russia), Tovlis Papa (Georgia), Uvlin Uvgun (Mongolia), Tante Arie (France), Yule Lad (Iceland), and Sooty Piet (Netherlands).
  • twenty colouring pages with questions for students to answer
  • full-page poster and colouring page that feature thirteen characters
  • full-page and colour-your-own postcards

You can buy this as a part of Christmas Around the World bundle



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