Valentine’s Day Around the World Colouring Page


Learn about unique love-themed holidays and traditions with this set of Valentine’s Day Around the World colouring pages for kids that turn into a giant Valentine poster!

You can also buy this product as a part of the Valentine’s Day Unit Study.



Is there a way to turn Valentine’s Day into an educational opportunity? Certainly!

Travel the globe with this set of colouring pages and learn about unique Valentine’s traditions and other love-themed holidays from around the world. Colour the pages one at a time, then put them together into a giant 25×33” poster!

Valentine’s Day Around the World Colouring Pages include:

  • information on celebrations in Japan, South Korea, China, Denmark, Norfolk (England), Wales, South Africa, Guatemala, and Israel
  • questions for discussion and further research
  • 9 colouring pages with informative captions that can form a giant poster
  • 9 colouring pages without any text that can form a giant poster and information cards separately
  • one template page for making your own addition (based on traditions in your country, your family, or further research)


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