Guess the Picture Book by the First Line: Free Printable Game


Guess the Picture Book by the First Line is a free printable game for kids who like to read as well as their parents, teachers and librarians. Print, cut the cards out and play!

The file is in a PDF format. To view a PDF document, you must have a PDF reader installed.


When to Play the Book Guessing Game?

  • if you want to introduce the concept of titles and authors to your kids
  • if you study storytelling and want to discuss what makes a good beginning to the book
  • if you want to test whether they actually remember the books you have read to them dozens of times
  • if you are in a mood to reminisce over those old books you used to read together
  • if you need a boredom buster for rainy days and long drives

In short, it’s a perfect game for book lovers!



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