LEGO Charades: Free Printable Party Game


If you are planning a LEGO birthday party or simply like LEGO and playing games as a family, try this LEGO twist on the popular games of Charades or Pictionary!

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Throw a die and find out the category in which you will be building. Draw a card from that category. Build whatever is depicted on the card from LEGO bricks, while other players are trying to guess it. Both the builder and the guesser will get points at the end!

The Game Features

  • 90 cards in five categories that have both a picture (to help children who cannot read) and a word (for children who can read)
  • a special category die


  • Vehicles (red cards: cars, boats, etc.)
  • Animals (orange cards: dogs, bats, etc.)
  • Outside (green cards: nature and buildings)
  • Useful Things (yellow cards: things we use in our everyday life)
  • Random (blue cards: a mix of whatever didn’t fall in the previous categories)


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