Printable Unicorn Shadow Puppet Set


Transform your child’s playtime into a magical experience with our Unicorn Shadow Puppet Set! With printable designs, you can craft your very own unicorn puppets.

This listing is for digital designs to make your own. You can read the instructions on how to cut shadow puppets here. If you want to buy the puppets that are already cut and have them mailed to you, please check here!


Have you ever dreamed of orchestrating a theatrical performance right in the comfort of your own home? Shadow puppet theatre is an ancient and captivating art form that allows you to do just that. You can take on the roles of screenwriter, director, musician, lighting technician, and prop master all at once!

Unleash your creativity with our printable Unicorn Shadow Puppet Set. Perfect for fantasy enthusiasts and imaginative minds, these printable puppets provide the tools to create your own magical theatrical show.

Key Features:

  1. Digital Designs: Receive digital files, ready to be printed on your choice of paper.
  2. Unique Designs: Each puppet in this set is hand-drawn and made exclusively for this set. 
  3. Easy-to-Make: Print and cut out the designs. If you have a cutting machine, the PNG format will let you cut the designs seamlessly. If not, you can cut them by hand. Attach sticks – and you have a set of shadow puppets!
  4. Easy-to-Use: These shadow puppets are simple to set up and use. Just shine a light source on the puppets, and their silhouettes will come to life on a screen or wall. It’s a captivating and easy way to tell a fun story.
  5. Educational: Foster creativity, storytelling, and interest in mythology as children explore the fantastical world of unicorns and other mythical creatures.
  6. Great for All Ages: This set provides endless entertainment and storytelling possibilities for both children and adults, making it perfect for family playtime, parties, or educational activities.
  7. Portable and Eco-Friendly: Print as many copies as you need whenever you need them. The digital format allows for easy storage and reduces waste.

What’s Included:

    • 3 unicorn shadow puppets
    • 1 pegasus shadow puppet
    • 2 alicorn shadow puppets
    • 3 scenic pieces for an enchanted forest backdrop
    • Sheets with scaled puppets (PNG & JPEG) 

Facts & Numbers:

  • Format: High-resolution PNG files
  • Recommended Printing Material: 80 lb cardstock or similar for best results
  • Recommended Age: 0+ for watching; 3+ for handling
  • Note: This is a digital product. No physical items will be shipped.


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