Wooden Elements Puzzle Set: 4 Toys


In this set, you will get four wooden puzzles: air, water, earth and fire.

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Enjoy the natural elements as a set of themed nesting puzzles in contrasting hardwoods.

The set features air, water, earth and fire in the form of a maple cloud, cherry wave, walnut hill, and aromatic cedar flame. Solving the three-piece nested puzzles won’t take long, but the opportunities for building are endless – the loose parts can also be used for stacking, balancing, as scenery for miniature adventures, or building fantastical structures and bridges. The parts can be re-imagined as just about anything, which is great for open-ended play!

Our toys are made entirely by hand from a material with individual character, so that each toy is unique. They are sealed with pure, food-safe tung oil, which accentuates the colour and grain of the wood naturally without the use of paint or stain.

Recommended age: 1+
Dimensions: approximately 1-2” H x 3-4” L; 3/8” W
Materials: maple, walnut, cherry and aromatic cedar; non-toxic tung oil finish
Origin: made in Canada


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