Wooden Toys

Sensory nourishment & creative inspiration for all ages!

Our Wooden Toys

A toy is something children invest a lot of time in, and in this way it acts as a teacher. We strive to create toys that can teach children to be watchful and conscious, creative and imaginative, to care, to appreciate, and to love.

When making wooden toys, we aim to combine the beauty of traditional handmade approach with the modern design. Each of our wooden toys has a unique personality. It is handcrafted with love in our family workshop, as if it was for our children.

Benefits of Wooden Toys!

Inspire the Imagination

Wooden toys often depict a highly simplified version of a real object. This is great for stimulating children’s creativity who can imagine these toys to be anything!

Organic, Safe & Eco-Friendly

Wood is safe for children who like to explore by taste. We don’t use paint or stains on our toys, so when we do seal them we use food-safe tung oil to bring out the natural shine of wood and provide protection from moisture and various exposures.

Handcrafted & Unique

Figuring and colour vary from board to board, and we are always on the lookout for interesting features that will add something unique to the next batch of toys. This adds an element of improvisation to their construction that results in every toy being one-of-a-kind.

Sensory Nourishment

Safe to taste, smooth to touch, and a pleasure for the eyes – wooden toys provide a variety of opportunities for engagement of the senses at different ages.

Natural Beauty

Wooden toys, with their rich natural colours, create a beautiful environment for kids while developing their aesthetic awareness and appreciation.

Built to Last

Wood is a sturdy material that gains character as it ages. Even after years of vigorous play, a light sanding and re-application of tung oil will restore a wooden toy to its original glory. These toys are meant to last, and we hope that they will make memories for several generations.

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