Draw the missing half of a vehicle to make the picture complete! These drawing prompts are good for introducing the concept of symmetry and basic geometric shapes to children, and they are sure to be popular with all the kids who like vehicles and transportation.

After my son’s enthusiasm for our insect drawing prompts, the next theme didn’t require much contemplation. Vehicles. Transportation. Things that go. Our son is enthusiastic about all of those. “Car” was one of his first words, and his interest has only grown and expanded, first to construction vehicles and more recently to space exploration vehicles and robotics.

Benefits of “Missing Half” Drawing Prompts

While the “missing half” drawing prompts don’t directly foster imagination, they’re great for developing a variety of other skills like:

  • Understanding bilateral symmetry
  • Observation
  • Matching colours
  • Counting
  • Fine motor writing & drawing skills.

Vehicles are, as a rule, pretty geometric; so, while working on these prompts, my son is learning to name many basic shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle), as well as count different parts, choose the right colours, and so on. Most importantly, he really enjoys playing with these printables. They serve as challenge for his drawing endeavours, and what kid doesn’t like a little challenge?

The hot air balloon is probably the most challenging picture. Just look at all the colours!

Vehicle Drawing Prompt: With this free printable, challenge your kids to draw the missing half of a vehicle (includes a car, a truck, an airplane, a rocket and even a UFO). Great for studying symmetry and developing pre-writing skills!

It’s interesting to compare the progression of my son’s drawing skills with this pack. The ones above were made when he was 4. I helped with the hot air balloon a little. But the one below was made when he was 5. In the last year, he started colouring inside the lines, and he can now match colours pretty well.

Download the Vehicle drawing prompt pack!

You can buy the full pack here or try the free sample here (PDF).

In the pictures, you will find ten vehicles – a car, a truck, a race car, a bulldozer, a tram, a bicycle, a hot air balloon, an airplane, a rocket, and a UFO.

More Art Prompts?

Draw the missing half of a leaf!

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