There are plenty of stereotypical images that can be used to good effect when making a card to celebrate an event, but a handmade card to celebrate your love for someone may require something more personal. When creating a card for my husband, I cut our silhouettes and used pleasant associations that he and I had with Paris, having honeymooned there.

Lantern Card for Your Loved One: DIY tutorial on how to cut a handmade card that turns into a lantern

This post is part of the series 31 Days of Love that Red Ted Art, a blog full of amazing crafts for kids and adults, is running this month. I was very excited to add my contribution to the series. You can check the full tutorial on how to make such an illuminated card here. I hope the idea of a lantern card will inspire you to create your own versions – for a spouse, but for a kid, a parent, or a friend – any of your loved ones!