52 Reasons Why I Love You: Free Printable Q&A Journal for Couples Template

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Download this free printable Q&A journal for couples with 52 questions to answer about your partner. A unique romantic gift for your loved one that only you can make!

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Inside you will find a PDF template for a journal with 52 questions you can answer about your partner!

This journal with its fifty two questions is fifty two ways to say “I love you because…” While going through the questions, you can:

  • reminisce about the past (“My earliest memory of you” and “When I first started liking you”)
  • choose the best of the bests (“The most amazing thing we’ve done together” and “The cheapest and simplest fun we’ve ever had”)
  • create a time capsule of the current times (“Last time we didn’t act our age” and “Last gift you gave to me”)
  • point out little things that make you happy (“A song that reminds me of you” and “Little ways in which you make me smile”)
  • imagine unlikely but fun situations (“If someone made a movie about us” and “If I could give you anything in the world”)
  • and even plan for the future (“One day, I’d like to try this with you” and “Our happily-ever-after includes”).

A blank sheet is included as well, so you can make your own questions!


1 review for 52 Reasons Why I Love You: Free Printable Q&A Journal for Couples Template

  1. Mary Starrett

    I was very impressed with the professional and accessible traits of this download. I am very impressed with the overall website, as well. I found it easy to navigate and the quality of the offerings were of the highest accord. The prices are very reasonable and the customer gets Way More than expected for such a minimal cost.

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