Autumn & Spring Dress-Up Dolls: Free Printable Templates


With this free printable template, you can get your paper dolls ready for the autumn and spring weather.

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.



About This Paper Doll Pack

  • Four colourful paper doll bases and four colour-your-own paper dolls. If you want to have more bases, download twenty additional bases here!
  • Four costumes with two hats, four tops and four bottoms, and one umbrella (all of them in two versions – colourful and colour-your-own).

About Paper Dolls

If you played with dress-up paper dolls while growing up, you probably remember how much fun it was! From an adult (parent/teacher/therapist) perspective, we can also see how useful this activity is for a child’s development.

Here are a few important skills that making paper dolls and playing with them can encourage:

  • fine motor skills and scissor cutting practice
  • creativity and art skills
  • storytelling skills

The designs can be used for making a classic paper doll with folding tabs as well as a magnetic doll.


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