Bird Identification Cards


Study the wonderful diversity in the world of birds with a set of watercolour cards and posters.

You can also buy this pack as a part of our Bird Educational Bundle (70% discount!) along with other printable games and projects for studying birds.


The set includes:

  • fifty watercolour cards with a fun fact presented in an engaging speech balloon format
  • fifty watercolour cards without a fun fact
  • six posters

Each of the cards includes:

  • a watercolour illustration of a bird
  • its common name
  • its Latin binomen
  • its native range

There are fifty cards that include an interesting fact about a bird and the same fifty cards that features all of the above, but not the fact.

Six posters include:

  • birds of the world
  • birds of North America
  • birds of Eurasia
  • birds of Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and other islands in the area)
  • two fun facts posters featuring birds of the world accompanied by speech balloons

There are many ways to use the cards and the posters—decorate your classroom, create a bird science centre with them, have an activity of matching the birds on the posters with the birds on the cards, use them as reference cards for making bird art, or use them in a general bird unit study!



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