Match Male & Female Bird Pairs: Printable Memory Game


Play this printable memory game by matching male and female birds and making bird pairs!

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This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


In a playful and engaging manner, it introduces the subject of bird spotting and identification, taking in consideration how different the birds of one species can look, depending on their gender and the time of the year. I think that many nature lovers will recognize the feeling of satisfaction on seeing a bird and knowing its name without checking the guide. There is only one thing better than that: it is having your kid call the bird’s name before you do!

Our game features 63 printable cards:

  • 21 male and 21 female birds, with interesting species selected from around the world. Each card features a painting of a male or female bird, as well as its common name, international scientific binomen, and gender symbol.
  • 21 fact cards, with information about where the bird can be found and something interesting about it. The fact cards can be printed on the back of the respective birds (they are easy to double-side), or they can be printed separately, to keep the back of the bird cards plain for playing a memory matching game.

In the game you will find watercolour-and-ink illustrations of the following bird species: American goldfinch, American robin, Atlantic puffin, black-capped chickadee, Canada goose, common grackle, emperor penguin, Eurasian bullfinch, golden pheasant, greater flamingo, house sparrow, magnificent frigatebird, mallard duck, mandarin duck, northern cardinal, Indian peafowl, Raggiana bird-of-paradise, ruby-throated hummingbird, snowy owl, splendid fairywren, and wild turkey.

Age: 4+

The game works on:

  • logical skills, observation and scientific reasoning
  • memory development
  • learning about animals

Read more about this game here.

You can also buy this game as a part of our Nature STEAM Pack (60% discount!) along with other creative printable projects for exploring nature.



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