My Book of Choices: Writing Prompts for Kindergarten and Grade 1


Try these fun and free printable writing worksheets – they prompt children to write while making little books about themselves!

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


This is a book for beginning writers. On every page, children are prompted to make a choice between two things. What do they prefer: cats or dogs? cake or ice-cream? The choices given are simple, reflecting both the interests of this particular age group and their ability to read. The book can be considered a mini-journal for beginning writers. The writing efforts are minimal, but meaningful.

Many of the cards, especially the ones with longer words, also have pictures that will help children to understand the meanings. Other cards are deliberately left without pictures, so that children can practice reading.  You can include all the cards or pick and choose whichever ones seem appropriate for your children’s level.

There are 20 cards with questions in this pack. There are 4 more cards that can be used for assembling it into a little book.


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