Nature Trivia Game


Nature Trivia is a printable educational game for kids. We created it to ignite their sense of wonder at the amazing natural world around us. While playing the game, kids will get to share what they already know and learn a variety of fascinating new facts!

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When did flowers first appear? What is the biggest seed on Earth? What kind of animal can survive in outer space? And how did another animal’s affection for poo lead to its sacred status?

Wherever we look in the world, there are natural wonders to be found everywhere.

In this game, you will find vibrant flowers, armoured shells, powerful seeds, dazzling gems, spiky teeth, mighty antlers, intricately-constructed nests, rocks from outer space, tiny micro-animals, and useful poo. Every one of them tells a different story, but they are all connected because they are all a part of the wonderful and exciting world of nature around us.

Gather together with your family or friends, learn about nature, and challenge each other to a battle of wits!

Age: 6+

Players: 2+

Time: 30 min

Nature Trivia Game Features:

  • 24 double-sided cards with photographs and six questions each (144 questions total) on a variety of nature-related topics: fungi, shells, seeds, teeth and tusks, horns and antlers, rainbows, sky, natural disasters, colours, rocks, minerals, snow, leaves, flowers, decomposition, corals, extinct animals, micro-animals, nests, courtship, flight, and poop
  • a print-and-fold template for a special die
  • printable templates for a game cover and rule booklet



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