I have never minded dust jackets on books, but as Budster made the gradual switch from board books to picture books, I started noticing that they got in his way as he read. So, I made a habit of taking them off his books. This was wholeheartedly celebrated by my husband, who considers dusk jackets to be packaging, to be removed before even opening a new book!

Turn a Book Dust Jacket into a Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

Yet, I could not find the heart to throw out the jackets; they were so pretty. So I stored the folded covers in one of the drawers, thinking that some day I may make some use of them. I confess that I did not have high hopes, because my drawers do tend to accumulate with such potential, but in the case of the dust jackets I actually found a brilliant use!

Budster has become very fond of jigsaw puzzles lately. If I do not hear him, it means that he has either finally climbed to the very top of a bookshelf or – he is playing with puzzles. He gets very serious and quiet, moving puzzle pieces around until they fit. Then he is happy and exclaims jubilantly, “Yay! Yay!”

Being only a little guy, he plays with little puzzles: four to six pieces are fun, but more provide a challenge. We got this box for him, and he loves playing with it, even after making the animals about a hundred times over the last month. So, I was wondering if I could make a new puzzle for him. That is when dust jacket covers came handy. I decided to turn them into puzzles. After all, they already had our favourite characters on them, and I could tell it would be exciting for Budster to put them together.



You will need:

– cardboard

– white glue (Weldbond or Elmer’s are my favourite)

– book dust jacket

– good sharp scissors

– (optionally) scroll saw, coping saw, or jig saw

For a start, I spent the morning going around the house with a pair of scissors and checking how easy it would be to cut different cardboard boxes. I needed some cardboard, so I emptied a recycling bin, then tried some cereal boxes, finally got to my sketchbooks and liked them most. I promptly took the back covers off the old ones and used them. But it is only one option. Cereal boxes are not bad either.

Turn a Book Dust Jacket into a Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

1. Spread glue thinly and evenly onto the cardboard with an old brush, then carefully glue the dust cover to it. When you are done, press a layer of paper and then a thick and heavy book on top, so that the final result will not warp. Leave it to dry for a couple of hours or overnight.

2. After the glue has dried, cut the main shape of the puzzle out. The puzzle can be the full cover, or it can follow the outline of a character.

3. Now, using a scroll saw or scissors, cut the cardboard into big puzzle pieces. A scroll saw leaves smoother edges and works quicker, but scissors do the job too. If you want to, you can mark the cuts first, but otherwise just let your hand guide you, and the pieces will turn out fun and unique.

The puzzle is ready!

Turn a Book Dust Jacket into a Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

Turn a Book Dust Jacket into a Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

We used the dust jackets from two of our favourite books – Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker. They were a hit. If Budster had not already adored the “truckars” (his expression for “truck-cars”) from the book Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site for a couple of months, I would have said that this puzzle was responsible for causing it. But now he does even more since he requests to read this book at least twice a day. And he puts his puzzles together at least three times a day!

Turn a Book Dust Jacket into a Jigsaw Puzzle for Toddlers

What do you do with books’ jackets? Do you leave them on? Or maybe use as posters?

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