Winter is coming, and it is a time when sensory bins and small worlds turn white too. Little people and animals are also eager to skate, throw snowballs and build snowmen. Here is a collection of our favourite ideas on how to bring winter in the playroom!

Winter Worlds in Miniature: Build a world in a sensory bin for hours of imaginative play and storytelling!

I am not sure who first came up with the name of “small worlds,” but the discovery of the very idea should probably be attributed to all children. Find little odds and ends and act out scenes from books, real life, or pure imagination. When I was a little girl, I liked to play with flowers as if they were princesses. My son makes cars act as if they had emotions of their own. This kind of play helps children analyze behaviours and patterns, develop linguistic skills, practice telling stories, and express their concerns during play. Parents and teachers can use the idea of small worlds to teach geography or history, have a talk about social expectations, or simply bond over the experience of building something together.

Here are some small worlds to build this winter!

Winter Worlds in Miniature: Build a world in a sensory bin for hours of imaginative play and storytelling!

Ice Age Sensory Play: Our first icy world this winter was a big success! Bugs and birds got trapped in icy cages, but Budster bravely saved them. Candle illumination added particular charm to our fun, with ice sparkling and snow shining. That was how our interest in winter small worlds sparked.

Arctic World on the Light Table by And Next Comes L: If you have a light table, it can become a wonderful background for winter scenery!

Small World Snow Scene by My Little 3 and Me: This charming snowy yard with little people skiing and building snowmen looks as much fun as actual skiing and building snowmen!

White Christmas Wooden Train Layout by Play Trains: Small worlds are not exclusive to people and animals – trains and other vehicles can take part as well! Snow has fallen onto the rails, and the little wooden city has dressed up for winter festivities.

Winter Worlds in Miniature: Build a world in a sensory bin for hours of imaginative play and storytelling!
The Mitten Small World by My Small Potatoes: Based on the book by Jan Brett, this small world is centred around a cozy mitten!

The Happy Day! Small World by My Small Potatoes: Another book that you can read, then act out with, building the world in a bin.

Arctic Snow Dough Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles: This small world is actually rather big, featuring a variety of animals, tunnels, marbles and a batch of snow dough! Great sensory fun, and a geography lesson.

Arctic Ice Sensory Play by No Time for Flashcards: This is a different Arctic world. In the midst of icy coldness, a warm spring has sprung!

Arctic Small World Play in a Suitcase by The Imagination Tree: Yet another Arctic world – and very unique too. This whole world fits in a little suitcase. Tie it with a bow, and there is a creative Christmas gift!

Penguin Sensory Play by Fantastic Fun and Learning: It is amazing what simple materials it takes to create a small world. Add salt instead of snow and create a penguin-friendly world!

Winter Worlds in Miniature: Build a world in a sensory bin for hours of imaginative play and storytelling!

While the ideas listed below do not make complete small worlds, they will work great in creating winter settings.

Magic Foaming Snowman by Fun at Home with Kids: Build a snowman, then let it melt in a puddle of icy, frothy foam.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Christmas Craft by Play Trains!: Need a few trees for your world? These pipe cleaner trees will create an elegant winter landscape.

Paper Mache Igloo by BloesemKids: Build a paper mache igloo to complement your Arctic world.

Marshmallow Igloo by Campfire: Who would not like to live in a marshmallow house?

Cardboard Roll Light-Up Winter Village by Life with Moore Babies: A row of lit-up houses can add a festive mood to your world.

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