In celebration of Black History month, I’d like to share a free Black History Month poster and a colouring page, featuring twelve famous Black people and their inspiring quotes.

Black History Month: Free Printable Posters

Looking to celebrate Black History month with kids? This free printable poster can be a good start!

While the topic of Black history can be difficult to explore with the younger crowd, for the amount of cruelty and prejudice involved in the discussion, this poster can act as an introduction to the subject. It focuses on the amazing people from Black history who overcame the odds and achieved recognition. Their stories are filled with wonder, resilience, and inspiration.

Alongside the names of interesting new personalities to explore, kids will learn their inspiring words of wisdom.

Free Printable Black History Month Poster for Kids

For instance, the poster introduces Madame C.J. Walker, the first woman of America to become a self-made millionaire. Her advice on life is, “Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

Alexander Pushkin, who is considered to be the most prominent Russian poet of all time, who revolutionized literature in his country, offers a different sort of wisdom, “It is better to have dreamed a thousand dreams that never were than never to have dreamed at all.”

One of my favourite quotes is by Katherine Johnson, the woman who made calculations for flight trajectories of many historic space missions, including the Apollo 11 flight to the moon. She said, “You are no better than anyone else, and no one is better than you.”

Besides these three, there are nine other historical figures, including Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, George Washington Carver, Mae Jemison, and more.

Would you like to study these and other Black heroes and heroines in more depth and learn about their achievements alongside their struggles? Consider our bundle of Black History month activities. It includes the Black History Guess Who game, paper dolls of inspiring Black historical figures, and colouring pages.

Black History bundle of activities

Black History Poster Free Pack

The Black History Poster Free Pack consists of three parts.

First of all, the free pack includes the main poster with quotes that you can print and study, but it also has the colouring page that they can colour themselves.

Black history colouring page for kids

But that’s not all! After studying the poster, I suggest choosing one or two historical figures and researching them further. What was their accomplishment? What were their struggles? Encourage children to write down their findings!

Here is an example of a poster that can be made for Mae Jemison. It is also included in the pack.

One of the posters from the Black History Poster Pack

If you would like to have more posters to study or to decorate your classroom with, check out the full pack of Black History Posters and Colouring Pages. It includes twenty posters and twenty colouring pages.

More Black History Posters featuring famous historical figures

But if you want to make your own posters with children, the free pack also has templates for making them! Children can choose one of the figures from the poster with inspiring quotes – or think of their own hero.

Make Your Own Poster Template

Get the Free Poster & Colouring Page!

You can also get the extended collection that includes twenty posters and twenty colouring pages. Each of them features a full-page illustration of an amazing Black person from history, their date and place of birth, their quote and a short biography.

Get the Full Pack of 20 Posters & 20 Colouring Pages!

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Black History free printable posters