Use the Earth Science Trivia game and learn more about our amazing planet, while playing this printable educational game for kids!

Earth trivia game with questions for kids

Earth is a truly unique and wonderful place. Billions of animals, plants, and other living organisms co-exist together on our planet, supported by the energy of the sun, protected by the atmosphere, and nurtured by the rich soil of our planet. It is entirely possible that there is life elsewhere in the universe, but Earth stands alone as the only place that we know hosts life.

So, let’s celebrate our planet by learning more about it!

How old is Earth? Where did life first appear? What is the largest living organism currently found on our planet? And where did the name Earth come from, anyway?

You will find out the answers to these Earth trivia questions if you play this trivia game!

The Earth trivia questions for kids include information on various topics, such as oceans, freshwater, plants, animals, rocks and minerals, atmosphere, climate, the history of Earth, and its place in space. It showcases the wonderful diversity of life on Earth and all the intricate forces in play that make life possible here.

While the game’s primary focus is on all the wonders that our planet holds, it also prompts environmental awareness. The cards on pollution and endangered species particularly explore topics of concern in detail.

Earth Trivia Game Features

  • 24 double-sided cards with photographic images of our beautiful planet (that can also be omitted if you want to save ink!)
  • 144 Earth trivia questions and answers on a variety of subjects
  • a print-and-fold template for a special die
  • printable templates for a game cover and a rule booklet
Earth trivia game cover

You can find all of the twenty-four topics explored in the Earth science trivia game on the cards below! Here we have plants (I and II), oceans, random facts (I and II), in the air, islands, forests, freshwater, our place in space, inside the Earth, and what was in the beginning.

Earth trivia question cards

Twelve more cards include endangered species, animals (I and II), humans, deserts, grasslands, where on Earth, natural disasters, climate, rocks and minerals, pollution, and the future.

Earth trivia question cards

The cards are double-sided. One side features a photograph, and the other has six questions and answers. It is possible to only print the side with questions, to save ink.

How to Play the Earth Science Trivia Game

Print the 26 double-sided Earth science trivia cards and cut them out. Make a die. The special die includes numbers from 1 to 3 and determines which question the player will have to answer. You can make a die from the included paper template, but it is also possible to just use a standard D6 die and substitute rolls of 4, 5, and 6 with 1, 2, and 3.

Earth trivia game for kids

Each card comes with six Earth science trivia questions – three easy and three hard. Players can choose whether they want to answer an easy or a hard question. The easy questions come with multiple-choice or true and false answers and are worth one point; the hard questions are open-ended and are worth two points. Rolling the die determines which question of the chosen difficulty gets asked.

The player is being questioned by the player on their right. When playing with beginning readers, a parent or a teacher can read all the questions. In case the reading adults also want to play and score, it is easy for them to cover the answer at the bottom of the card, while they read the question.

If the player answers the question correctly, they get the card and keep it for scoring. If not, the card goes back to the bottom of the pile, so someone else will have to answer something from it later.

The game ends when all the cards are gone, and the player with the most points wins.

You can easily adapt the Earth trivia questions for the classroom. One possible variant would be eliminating taking turns. The teacher would have to read all the cards, and the students would have to venture guesses. Another variant would be playing in small groups.

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Earth trivia questions for kids