Use the free printable dollhouse birthday pack and surprise your child with a creative dollhouse transformation in honour of their birthday!

Before turning four, our daughter started counting the days to her birthday two weeks in advance. It was possibly the first time she understood what birthdays were, and her excitement was both adorable and contagious. I was all up for making it as special a day as possible! I usually am when it comes to birthdays.

This year, we had some additional complications though. A birthday in spring 2020 meant no friends over and no family outings. We had to be creative in other ways.

Jeffrey set up a big outdoor trampoline for her and her older brother overnight. Many friends and family members sent a video message that I arranged into a video collage for her to watch. And since the trampoline was a complete surprise, she also picked one gift that she wanted. It was a school house for puppies.

You see, Faye has a family of puppies that she adores. The first of those puppies came with a Barbie doll that she received at some point in the past, but while the doll has been lying forgotten, the pup (and a few others added later) are living a fun life. They have names and personalities. They go on adventures to the backyard and have a tree house there. Inside, they’ve got a Kidcraft mansion to themselves! In short, they are Faye’s favourite toys.

It seemed very natural that if we have a birthday celebration and decorate our house, the puppies should do the same in their doll house. I prepared all the decorations a day in advance and assembled them while Faye was sleeping. It was the first thing she saw in the morning, and her reaction was priceless!

By the way, the decorations stayed in the house for about a month after Faye’s birthday. She loved holding a new birthday party for different puppies. Each of them must have matured by ten years, after she was done playing birthdays!

That is another idea for this printable pack though. If your kids like role-playing birthdays with their toys, like mine do, this may be a good little crafting kit for them to put together. The instructions are pretty easy, so average seven-year-olds will probably be able to do all or most of the cutting and gluing by themselves.

Free Printable Dollhouse Birthday Pack

The pack includes:

  • templates for making gift boxes
  • printable birthday cards
  • birthday bunting (pendants that say “Happy Birthday” as well as blank pendants)
  • party hats of different scales to fit dolls + one kid-sized party hat

What toys can this pack be paired with? While my daughter’s puppies are pretty small, the dollhouse they inhabit are scaled to fit Barbies, so in the end, it should be good enough for either of those, as well as anything in-between. We’ve also tried them with Calico Critters and Kruselings.

Tips & Tricks for Using the Birthday Dollhouse Printables

Putting the decorations together should only take about an hour or less! Cut the templates, fold, glue with glue sticks, and they’re ready to use.

If you want to customize them more, try the ideas below! Our Kruselings dolls have modelled them for us.

When assembled, the gift boxes can be opened and closed, therefore usable as real miniature boxes.

Fill them with candies, nuts, or small toys. We made that pie from polymer clay a few years back!

Write messages from toys to the birthday kid. I’ve simply written a variety of “Happy Birthday!” and “Thanks for playing with us this year!”

Using the empty pendants, you can add your child’s name to the birthday bunting.

Download the Free Birthday Dollhouse Pack!

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