What will happen if I give Budster a big sheet of paper? I have been pondering over this question for a while. He has a couple of sketchbooks, and when we paint, he quickly covers one page and asks for another. It would be a challenge for him to do the same with a big sheet!

Painting Big with Toddlers || Have an unforgettable art experience and make a big painting together! || Adventure in a Box

For this painting experiment, I got out:

Painting Big with Toddlers || Adventure in a Box

– a sheet of paper 36×24″

– a couple of big brushes

– a roller

– a cleaning brush

– gouache and tempera paints

Big paintings require big tools!

Budster was already dancing next to the table, and when all the preparations were finished, grabbed a familiar brush. The brush strokes looked rather lonely on this big sheet.

Painting Big with Toddlers

So he added more paint. And more paint. And some more.

Painting Big with Toddlers

Is it too much paint? Then was a good time to switch to a roller. It was a new tool for Budster, but he learnt to use it promptly after I showed him how. Then he did not want to let go of it. Rollers are fun to paint with!

Painting Big with Toddlers

Painting Big with Toddlers

He loved painting big so much that he ended up making two paintings that evening, and another one the following day. After that we ran out of paper. But it was a lot of fun! We will give one painting to his grandma as a gift, and we are turning the other one into a background for a craft. Here it is, a week later: Magnetic Moon and Stars.

Painting Big with Toddlers

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