Use the printable templates and make this cute unicorn paper craft. Colour your unicorn paper dolls, play with them, and create more dresses for them!

Easy unicorn paper craft for kids

From clothing and accessories to toys and home decor, unicorns seem to be everywhere. They have become a symbol of whimsy, magic, and positivity, appealing to people of all ages. My daughter, who turned seven earlier this year, is no exception to this trend, having been a loyal unicorn supporter for a few years.

To be honest, I also find unicorns an easy interest to support, as I am pretty partial to mythological creatures with rainbow manes. That’s how my daughter’s birthday this year happened to be unicorn-themed.

My daughter’s best friends currently all live far away, so part of her birthday celebrations happened online. I mused over how to make it memorable for my daughter and her little friends and came up with the idea of making paper craft kits they could assemble together.

Of course, it had to be a unicorn paper craft. Good thing her three friends are just as passionate about unicorns as she is!

Unicorn paper craft for birthday parties

About the Unicorn Paper Craft

In a world where electronics often dominate the realm of playtime, there’s something nostalgic and magical about the simplicity of paper crafts. In particular, I liked incorporating paper dolls into our playtime and homeschool.

But would unicorns work as paper dolls?

Sure, why not!

I admit that a portion of my inspiration came from the TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” which my kids shared with me a few years ago. One of its main characters was a successful fashion designer, so I was already accustomed to the notion of equines in dresses.

Another portion came from my earlier project of animal paper dolls. My daughter and her friends liked that idea, but while I made everyday clothes for the animals, they asked for outfits suitable for queens and princesses. That inspired me to create more elaborate costumes for the unicorns.

Finally, my daughter’s friends have such sweet names and nicknames that I decided to name my unicorn paper dolls after them – Fifi (my daughter’s nickname), Jinx, Star, and Ivy. At that point, I also decided to give the unicorns unique personalities. After all, my daughter loves it when her toys come with names and little portfolios.

Printable unicorn paper doll templates

Printable Unicorn Paper Dolls

First comes Star. She loves space and dreams of travelling far away. With that in mind, she has an astronaut costume. A few years ago, we made a set of astronaut paper dolls with multiple outfits based on different missions. So I had some experience drawing astronaut costumes, but never for a unicorn! Star’s outfit most closely resembles the suit used on SpaceX Dragon missions.

Printable unicorn paper craft: Star, the astronomer

This is Ivy. She likes nature in all its forms. She is the only unicorn that sports wings when she wears her fairy outfit. While I didn’t make wings for other unicorns, they can try the fairy dress on, and children can get inspired to make more winged costumes based on that dress.

Printable unicorn paper craft: Ivy the gardener

This is Jinx, a mischievous unicorn who is interested in magic. I wanted her to look mysterious and exotic.

Printable unicorn paper craft: Jinx, the magician

Finally, this is Fifi, a unicorn who loves to make art. After I made unicorns named after her friends, my daughter asked me to make a unicorn namesake for her, and that’s who Fifi was. Besides her nickname, she shares her love for art with my daughter.

Printable unicorn paper craft: Fifi, the artist

Fifi’s costume, on the other hand, was heavily inspired by Frida Kahlo’s costume. You can compare it with my earlier paper doll of Frida.

Frida Kahlo's paper doll

Unicorn Paper Craft Features

The unicorn paper craft kit includes a PDF file with paper dolls and clothes scaled to the correct size. However, you will also get a ZIP archive with PNG designs so you can resize them or use them with a cutting machine like a Silhouette Portrait.

Four printable unicorn paper dolls with unique outfits

In addition to four full-colour designs, as shown in the pictures, all the unicorn paper dolls come with colour-your-own designs, so they can be easily customized and personalized.

Printable unicorn colouring pages

Additionally, there is an easy template for making more clothes for the unicorns!

Templates for making unicorn paper doll costumes

And while each unicorn has her own specific outfits, they are easily interchangeable, so any unicorn can try on Ivy’s winged dress or Jinx’s wizard robe.

Cute unicorn paper dolls for kids

Get Unicorn Paper Craft!

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When you build unicorn paper dolls, we’ll be delighted to see your results! Tag us on facebook or instagram (@adventureinabox).

Printable unicorn paper dolls