Animal Drawing Prompts


Using these animal drawing prompts, children can learn fun animal facts, then turn them into art! Doing so will help them analyze the information, interpret it and make it a part of personal experience that will permanently stay in their memory.

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This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


DISCOVER the fun animal facts and CREATE fifteen science-backed pictures, following the drawing prompts! 

LEARN what is the fastest animal currently living, which animal group is the most abundant on our planet and why some animals’ eyes shine at night.

ANALYZE this information to make drawings, based on prompts. 

COLOUR a set of animals in a way that would signal danger.

DESIGN protective camouflage for a group of butterflies.

IMAGINE how to adapt to the lifestyle of a sloth.

DRAW a flower patch that would attract the most pollinators.

In order to use the pack, PRINT the prompts, READ the facts and DOODLE away!



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